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Maintaining a healthy and thick beard can be challenging, but the ingenious Derma Roller is your new best friend. Growing a beard involves much more than just keeping a bunch of hairs in order. You need to take good care of your skin, as it’s the foundation of a strong and manly beard. That’s where the carefully engineered Derma Roller comes in.

Get a grip of the comfortable glossy hard plastic handle and enjoy the collagen inducing tingling once you roll the 540 medical titanium micro needles over your skin. What the micro needles do is not just tickle your senses. They trigger your body to produce it’s structural protein by poking your dermis, the sub-layer of the skin, to help your skin get soft and elastic. This not only helps you maintain your lustful looks and tender skin, but at the fraction of the cost of cosmetic treatments, it’s a necessity for a man to own.

Utilizing the 540 Needles Skin Roller promotes production of missing collagen, resulting in pores and skin rejuvenation, great skin elasticity, filling in patchy hair and tightening and thickening of the skin. Usable on the face and body, the 540 Needles Skin Roller may also help cut back and soften pimples or surgical scars, diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, scale back large pores, clean heavy pitted skin, and assist in reversing the results of sun damage.