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Specifically designed for repairing automobiles, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, game systems,
According to ergonomic plastic handle is composed of two materials, easy to master and provide greater torque. Special environmentally friendly plastic operation effort comfort.
Grip with anti-static material, non-slip,hardening and blackening treatment to maximize torque.
Screwdriver chrome vanadium steel bar made by a senior, and after hardening and blackening treatment.
Chrome vanadium screwdriver head to ensure the highest dimensional accuracy. Quality and durability are the best
Product Description
1 The screwdriver sets work fine, good quality, sufficient hardness blade, knife type high precision, the process is not easily deformed and broken,
2, high-quality anti-static handle design science, and operable for locking blade shank mouth adopted within the six-sided design, effective tool to prevent sliding off the teeth and in the course of,
3, all the heads have a magnetic, except to suck the handle firmly, but also effective traction screws;
4 detachable bottom box design is to increase the convenience and fast, you’re using a full plastic box, easy to carry, can be used for dismantling all brands and models of all kinds of mobile phones and other electrical appliances! Is your maintenance and daily life will Preparation tool.
Material: chrome vanadium steel
Weight: 0.3 (kg)
Kit: 20 screwdriver bits, 1 T-handle
11x screwdriver
9x sleeve